Vice President of Data Insights Mary Tran leads a brand-new team at Syapse that helps deliver real-world insights from the world’s largest network of health systems focused on precision medicine. In this interview, we talk about the power of understanding real-world data and how Syapse employees are excited to work — and play — together.

What brought you to Syapse?

I think I’ve always been attracted to the business side of healthcare because you have a platform to impact more patients’ lives. I actually started off my career as a cancer data analyst, looking at how health systems could improve…

Michelle walks us through her journey to Syapse, why what we do is so important, and her transition from Strategy to Product Management.

What brought you to Syapse?

I am passionate about healthcare and improving care for patients. Early on I thought the best path was to pursue a career as a clinician. However, there was a wrinkle in my plan. I was terrified of blood. I would become woozy at the sight of it, even thinking about blood made me uneasy. I took pre-med courses and also became a certified EMT as well as a phlebotomist drawing blood to…

From social work to CTR, Kate shares with us her journey to becoming a Certified Tumor Registrar and what makes working at Syapse so important to her.

What brought you to Syapse?

Since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to have a profession with an end goal of helping people on a large scale. When I was in college, I studied infectious diseases, biology, English, and social work before ending up in nursing school. Eventually, I started working at a hospital as a nurse extern and that’s how I was introduced to the world of oncology.

During my…

From his contributions to our recent COVID-19 and Cancer study to mentoring LGBTQIA+ young adults in the Bay Area, Frank shares what matters most to him — supporting the communities we live and work in.

What brought you to Syapse?

I’ve been interested in biology since high school and went into a program at the University of Pennsylvania focusing on the intersection of healthcare & business. This included looking at not only the fundamental biological mechanisms of disease but also understanding the business of healthcare. I started working at the strategy consulting practice at Accenture after college. During that time…

Divya tells us how our Commercial team is empowered to be dynamic and versatile, and what she is looking forward to in the upcoming year.

What brought you to Syapse?

While I was working as a strategy consultant, I did a lot of digital health strategy projects and Syapse kept coming up in the real world data landscape. I continued tracking the company as it was moving forward. Originally, I was approached for a different role but had a conversation with the recruiting team and was able to find the right role for me that also fit into what Syapse…

In this interview, Brittany gives an inside look into the culture at Syapse and how Syapse leadership makes her feel valued.

What brought you to Syapse?

I came to Syapse for the culture and my boss, Fletcher Payne (CFO). When I was going through the interview process I was really impressed with Fletcher’s leadership style and his track record of continuously, developing and promoting those underneath him. During the interview process, I was really focused on culture because I wanted to make sure that I was at a place that I could see myself staying for several years. I was…

Lead Clinical Abstractor, Joe Burkhart, speaks to how he arrived at Syaspe, what makes this team great, and the exciting possibilities ahead.

What brought you to Syapse?

I first heard of Syapse from a peer who’d just started the Abstraction team at Syapse. I was working with her in a hospital setting and Syapse recruited her. I was officially the second manual abstraction employee at Syapse, we created the department!

How did you get into Manual Abstraction?

Ronda Broome, Lead Clinical Abstractor, gives insight on what led her to become a Certified Tumor Registrar and how Syapse inspires her and feels like family.

What brought you to Syapse?

After graduating with my BS in biomedical sciences I contemplated going to dental school. After receiving my competitive Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) scores, I realized that I wanted a different path. I enrolled in graduate school to pursue bioinformatics. I still wanted to be in healthcare, do something impactful, and help patients without being a physician or nurse. I was introduced to the cancer registry and quickly learned that…

Visualizations Lead Veronica Jones left the insurance industry to make tools at Syapse that visualize large, complicated health data sets for users across the precision medicine ecosystem. Here, we talk about overcoming day-to-day challenges and why the Philly office is such a great place to work.

What brought you to Syapse?

I had a job at an insurance company in Philadelphia doing data analysis for the Medicare member experience. I really enjoyed working in member experience because I got to conduct focus groups and hear directly from the members what they needed and what they would benefit from. I really…

Vice President of Strategy Alissa Winzeler-Cotton, Ph.D., found a perfect marriage of her molecular biology and healthcare consulting backgrounds at Syapse. Today, she leads a team of strategists in shaping the company’s core offerings and setting a vision for the future of Syapse.

What brought you to Syapse?

I consider this my third career. I started off as a scientist and did my Ph.D. in Developmental Biology and Neurobiology at Stanford. I loved the problem-solving side of science, but I wanted to work with teams and do something that felt more meaningful to me personally in the actual day-to-day work…

People at Syapse

Our team works towards a future in which all cancer patients have access to the quality of care they need.

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